Be sure your child is a friend that inspires!


Friendship day is around the corner but my kid tends to celebrate it throughout the year. Yes, I am not joking here. We usually see kids getting affected by gadgets, style, stationary, bags, toys, games and other materialistic things that their friends have. But, have you guys ever observed that majority of their personality is in a way a reflection of what their friend(s) are. Their friends are more than family to them; same age, same understanding, with a slightly different perspective and different lifestyles. These little minds actually share a common dwelling of innocence and inspiration from each other.

Being a mother to a 7-year-old and 2.5 years old, I come across quite a few instances where my kids tend to copy their friends or their friends adopting what my children do. Every time it has ended up as a win-win situation because I realized there are many good health and hygiene habits which were difficult to teach them theoretically but easy to learn from a friend.

My elder child is very organized in keeping his stuff which in turn inspired a fellow mom and kid duo to set the things in an organized manner back at their place. I being a conscious parent, have always had a habit of checking on my kids’ nails every Sunday, to rule out any infection that they may dwell during school days. This habit of ours has been rewarded with appreciation and it has literally inspired the mom of fellow kids to follow suit.

These sweet little mutual inspirations give a true meaning to friendship.

Here, I share a few things that my child has adopted from his circle of friends and how those habits have influenced us in the right way. Check them out as some of them are really funny, some are sweet and some are inspiring!

Stylish Hand gestures: It was a day out with family when I observed my five-year-old son talking and moving his hands in a particular style. It was funny to observe him. I first thought he is mimicking somebody but to our surprise, he was actually talking like his friend Riya (name changed). There, I realized how much effect a peer can have onto one’s personality.

Hand Hygiene Mania: Kids do get attracted by cute little things their friends have. But, this time it was something good. My kid narrated a very inspiring act of his friend in class. He told me that: “Mom, it was Aadit’s (name changed) birthday. We were in our art class and he was just about to distribute sweets to his classmates. He did something that was appreciated by all teachers. I too want to be like him”.

What happened was his friend before distributing sweets, gave a drop of Dettol Hand Sanitizer to all his mates, as he understood the importance of protection from germs and sanitization before putting anything into the mouth. This motivated me too as a mom. That day onwards, my child also started carrying a bottle of Dettol hand sanitizer with a sling which is easy to hang and use as well.

It was also the right time for me to talk about health and hygiene and why it is essential. I even gave him a slogan: “Fight Germs to Fight Illness, Support hygiene to Promote Health!”

Thanks to his dear friend that made my job easy. My child was so fascinated with the sanitizer that he insisted to use it even after washing his hands with liquid hand soap and enjoys singing: “Ghar ho ya bahar, paani ho ya na ho, par Dettol- Dettol ho!”


The need to take bath daily: There are times, mostly in winters; my child tends to skip his bath. But, as I said, friends do play an important role in defining your habits. So, one fine winter afternoon when kids were playing outside after school hours, they questioned each other about who all are going to take bath now again? It was at that time that my kid realized that he needed to take a bath every day. Later, he even asked for a good antiseptic soap for his skin protection.

Friend’s Checklist: My elder son quite easily adopted the hygiene practices of keeping his sense organs clean, nails trimmed, hair washed to keep the scalp clean, bathing daily, sanitizing while travelling, keeping the floor clean as these were the topics discussed in their school and kids were asked to track each other’s checklist.

A new Hygiene enthusiast: This summer vacation, we travelled a lot around Himachal Pradesh. I was happy to see, my kid and his cousin were equally excited about taking the responsibility to carry a water bottle, liquid soap, paper soaps, tissue papers and hand sanitizer. Both the kids ensured that everyone cleans their hand before grabbing a bite.

I want a friendship band: Last year in the same month, our doorbell rang many a time. They were all friends of my kid, wanted to gift him with a friendship band. It was a heart-melting gesture from them. Seeing this, my child too wanted to give a friendship band to his friends in school and the society. But, to my pleasure, he decided to make them all with his own hands. And, he did a wonderful job.

Dance Vs Sports: Friends do inspire but sometimes blindly following them also makes you land nowhere. My child wanted to join dance classes just because one of his good friends had joined. We gave in to his demand but, as expected we soon realized that we were left with two left feet. Hahaha!!!

Finally, we figured that our child is more of a sports enthusiast. Sometimes in life, it’s good to try and then decide what suits you the best rather than just wondering. So, friends do help your child in numerous ways.

Good or bad, a child will always learn from his peer group. We parents need to keep a check. Adopting habits from a peer or a friend is not bad unless it is not harming your child’s psychology, his behavioural patterns or in a way not hampering his/her hygiene leading to bad health.

Remember, friends, are fun to follow and believe me they are even easier to adapt to. Do share your experiences where your kids followed his/her friend for good or where your child has been an inspiration to other kids in comments below.

Happy Friendship Day!!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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