Is Earning that important for a Woman? Part – I

Nowadays I am on a journey of Self – Examination. What is it that really keeps me happy? But, what keeps me happy , does it also keep people around me( for whom I do care) happy? Or I am being a selfish one?

Long back when I quit my job..wanted to njoy my new phase called Wedding and having a family. The only passion I had was to keep my house neat and tidy. I had my first baby.. I was happily sailing through my journey of motherhood. And, I was a happy sit-at-home Mom njoying catching up with missed episodes of my favourite TV series through IPTV. I was enjoying this lifestyle because I had seen many hard years of my student life and job years. Though they were always highly rewarding. Life was a bliss untill social pressures and judgements started pouring.

I started taking queries from people straight to the heart. “Are you not working? ” , “Ohh.. okii You sit at home? ” … And mostly I used to feel when these came from my husband’s colleagues. Coz everyone had a good earning life partner which indeed was a proud possession esp. in a high end metro city.

Things started bothering me. I lost my self confidence and became judgemental to my own existence. Then came another phase, my bub started going to school and I just got an escape to self created boredom. I started looking forward to receiving homeworks from school. As you know, early years in school goes much with creative works and colours are my all time stress buster.

Still, that guilt of not working to earn always clouded my heart and brain. I started looking for options on internet to get hold of some freelance projects. Caught hold of small penny maker online surveys. I did! Just to give my journey a kick start and have that power feeling of earning.

These surveys started fetching me rewards in the form of cash or vouchers. I still remember, I rewarded myself by purchasing a nice handbag from Flipkart. Believe me, I always carried it with pride as I earned it. Plus, sending my earned vouchers to husband was a drop in the ocean of satisfaction. It gave me a confidence… That yes I too can contribute. Though I knew it was just a fun money.

Soon, these surveys became frustrating as they took a lot of hardwork and patience and you don’t earn from them Everytime. Again that Vicious cloud of willingness to work but lost confidence trapped me. My life changed when one fine day I received a call from an old friend. We talked about many things and opportunities to somehow do work from home not just to earn but keep ourselves busy. (Ahha… Though it’s a superficial parameter).

She insisted me to WRITE. I laughed my tummy out. And, denied. I said how can you even think of me writing an article?? I mean, it’s next to impossible. my exact words were : ” Com’on Yaar I am not a literature kinda person. I am a hard core technical minded species. I can’t write and infact I don’t know what to write.” She motivated me by saying: ” If I can, you surely can do. You were the star of our college. Please give it a try. ” And, she handed over a sample article on Casinos in U.K. and asked me to frame something like this only. I sat with my laptop with a broad smile on my face.. depicting as if I am now goanna do some foolish attempt.

That was the day friends till date I saw no stoppage to my thoughts, my expressions and my writings. I received an appreciation mail with a request to write 5 more such articles. It was so so enthralling experience that I started giving many twists and turns to my style of writing. And, my content became a sample to many clients to flaunt.

To be continued in next article….

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Wings never seek a cage, So do a Blogger. When I feel, I write .. When I write, I express When you like, I give a smile.. When you leave a comment, I again feel 😊

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