Want to Earn Extra? Learn how to boast yourself as a Host!

Not all who wander are lost and not all who are rich have ways to make money! Some can have a tremendous stay in their travel and can be a grossing to you as well. Yes, you read it right. It’s like an add-on to the age-old saying: “Atithi Devo Bhav!” where you are not only being generous as a host but also making money by lending your spare time, space and intellect.

As it is said that small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements and that is what Airbnb

has come up with. A completely new idea of earning by listing your accommodation for a traveler can not only earn you but you get to have new connections as well that help you build your host affiliate listing to build up your profile. There are no specific criteria to start, you just need to have an extra room/ an apartment or a full house available for the guests when you are on the vacay mode.

Whether you are a sit-at-home person, retired personnel, a working enthusiast or an entrepreneur, Airbnb

welcomes you with your abode. Airbnb has simplified the ways you can make some extra money with full flexibility and guidance. It is not only your accommodation that works for you, but it is also the pride that you can extend about your city as a tourist destination plus you can be an affiliate to nearby shops or locals for business opportunities. The more you promote and create referrals the more you yield.

You need not be a pro in digital marketing or affiliate management or even to the hospitality industry. You just need to follow a few basic steps of registration (that too online) and adding your space to the listing. For rest, everything Airbnb is always there to guide and provide the best of services. One more advantage in working with Airbnb is that your payments are actualised just after 24 hours when the guests’ check-ins.

Let’s have a glance to preliminary steps to Hosting on Airbnb:

1) Start with your property listing:

Only by listing your space will other people be able to find you and do bookings. So make the best use of the platform to give as detailed information about the space as possible. Ultimately, you’ll be in charge of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with your guests.

2) Manage your bookings

Airbnb is a platform which takes safety of both its guests and hosts seriously. Once your listing is complete, it is visible for prospective guests to book and plan their stay. You have full access to a guest’s information which will help you in managing bookings and giving your space to only the people you like.

3) Understand Hosting

Describe your Space: To kick start being a host, you first need to describe your space, add pictures, size and other details of the accommodation by which people can search and locate it. You need not worry much as you are in total control of making your property available or not as per your convenience.

Before you entertain a guest: You can set available dates, time, prices, mode of interaction and even house rule if any. This task completes your Listing. It is always advisable to cross-check with your peer hosts in the same area for the pricing details.

Now, once your house is listed on Airbnb, it comes under available accommodation and people can search it on Airbnb. Safety is also a foremost concern. So, being a host you have full right to know the guest’s details and can also have their Government approved ids, email ids etc.

Time for hospitality: If your published accommodation receives a request, don’t panic. You just need to provide a clean ready to use space with some basic amenities like bed and bath. Still, if you hesitate Airbnb is there to help your way and make you confident to host. You can even check the hosting tips under resources on Impact.

Safety: In the rarest case of theft or any kind of loss to the property, a host need not worry. Your property is fully covered for much extra compensation.(you and your listing are automatically covered for up to $1,000,000 by Airbnb’s Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance

And as for the credibility of guests entering in, as said earlier you are provided with a profile picture, contact number and email id of the guest along with government-issued id proof. So, keep your worries at bay and make hay.

4) Enjoy your Earning

Though guests are charged before arrival, you receive your payment within 24 hours of the check-in. Airbnb offers a great pool of payment options as in PayPal, Paytm, online bank transfer and many more. A host can select as per his wish. So, it’s time for you to enjoy with that extra pocket either by repaying your loans, shop your Wishlist, pursue your passion, plan vacations or simple save for bigger plans.

How Hosting is Lucrative?

  • It lets you yearn and earn.
  • Builds your social connections.
  • Flaunt your interiors or extended outdoors.
  • Publicize your city, town or neighborhood. Spread the word about it being worthwhile to visit.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, then just host your space in your absence and in a way monetize your travel.
  • Promote others as well. You being a host can guide the guest about the nearby local businesses in a way extending profitable opportunities to them as well.

So Guys! Isn’t it exciting and simple to host and earn? You need to have that room to list, rest Airbnb lets you earn to save and spend. Put your thinking caps ON and hop on to be a generous and a humble host with Airbnb for the most rewarding experience and yielding anything from pennies to pounds.

Promote Big! Redeem Big!

To become a host on Airbnb – Click here

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