Be sure your child is a friend that inspires!

“Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.” Read on my blog to enjoy some funny yet inspiring friendship stories that kids really look up to..even mine too 🙂 Happy Friendship Day Guys!


Hum se hai Yeh soch

Nanhe munne bachhe hum,
Desh ka Sundar bhavishye hum.
Hum rakhte desh ko Swachh,
Hum se hote sabhi sapne Sach.
Aasmaan ki oochaiyo mein hum,
Samundar ki ghehraayiyo mein hum.
Seema pe tainaat hum,
Kheto mein lehraate hum.
Gulzaar ki kalam mein hum,
Kalaam ke prayogo mein hum.
Computer ki lab mein hum,
Har imaarat ki neev mein hum.
Har shlok mein hum, har pad mein hum,
Har ardaas mein hum, har azaan mein hum.
Hum se achha hum se sachha to keval rabb hai,
Humse Hi to umeedo ka kal, aaj Aur abb hai.

If I were a bird…

Today let’s dream, let’s imagine and let’s fly.

 As a bird I will tell you what can I try.
If I were a bird, I would....
 Wander the world,
 Ramble the road,
 Swim the sea, and
 Flutter the sky.
Wings and wind, be my friend
 Take me along and change the trend.
With my sharp eyes and pointed beak,
 My favourite food, I would seek.
Come may winter, summer, autumn or spring,
 Happy and free moments it will bring.