The Complete Source Of Protein For My Kid : Soya Chunks

Parenting is not a degree to attain; it is an experience to nourish. Here, I will share my journey of motherhood to date and the sheer experience. Guys, I usually encounter people saying why not start early? Well, you can start building confidence, gross motor skills, right attitude and aptitude, language skills at the appropriate age and level but health is a thing that starts building right in the womb. Am I right? So, there is no right or wrong time to start acting on it.

The moment we girls conceive, the foremost concern becomes our health and in turn the well-being of our child. Isn’t it? The day our nurtured young ones are born, the queries and endless concerns start erupting and they continue till eternity.

Right, from the time my firstborn son was 3 months old till date I have had no family help in daily routine, both our families being in different cities. So we, as parents had no choice but to be vigilant and informed about upbringing. Though I always used to get suggestions and guidelines and a long list of dos and don’ts but at the end it was and it had to be only me bringing up my child, feeding him right, keeping him nourished in a balanced way and being aware of the right choices. So, only following traditions or age-old ways to feed our child couldn’t help. I had to be a smart mom.

Many moms reading this would agree with me about having fussy eaters at home, kids throwing tantrums or children having very limited favourites to eat. Still, we keep trying our best to give them a nutritious meal. But are we actually giving the right nutrition in a balanced way? Most of us will have doubts about it.

I have seen moms mostly concerned about kids being lean and trying toforce them to eat. First of all, you need to understand your child’s requirement and keep a check on all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Being fatty will not serve the purpose if your child doesn’t have good muscle strength, is not active or doesn’t have good resistance to fight against germs- which can only be attained if you include a good amount of protein in your child’s diet. Protein plays an important role for physical as well as cognitive health, which as we say should be started in the early years. For the healthy growth and development, getting adequate protein is important in all stages especially during infancy, childhood and adolescence. Because you know it is easier to build up a child than to repair an adult.

We being non-vegetarians had a choice to feed meat, eggs and fish as they are good sources of proteins but at the same time, they are hard to digest. I had to be very cautious about how much is my child eating and if it is that hygienic, especially in monsoons. Deciding the adequate amount of consumption of protein is essential. Then I opted for soybean as it is one of the richest sources of protein. I figured out many options like Soy Chaap, Chunks, Nuggets and granules from Fortune Foods.

What made me decide on Fortune Soya Chunks was the fact that it has the perfect balance of 9 amino acids essential for healthy growth. Secondly, it has 15 times more protein than a regular glass of milk. Isn’t it amazing? And, we moms are after our kid’s life to finish off even a single glass of milk so that we can be rest assured. Last but not the least, Fortune Soya Chunks are 99% fat-free, which helps to maintain the right weight naturally. I realised that it is the power food that must be a part of my kid’s diet. But believe me, regular cooking didn’t serve my purpose. After all, it has to enter little monster’s mouth so it had to be tasty as well. Like giving Yum Bhi and Dum Bhi to your child.

And this challenge was also well accepted. You remember, Smart Mom?? Ahem. I got several cooking ideas for soya chunks from Fortune, available online on YouTube as well as on their official website. Don’t worry I am sharing the links below for you too to have a splendid experience with cooking and having the assurance of feeding your kid pure, healthy and hygienic Ghar ka khana. With 52% protein content the soft and yummy Soya nuggets helped me give my family the right nutrition, the right way and in the right amount.

Moms! Here’s the link to yummy and healthy recipes:

Yumdaar&Dumdaar – Tasty Soya Recipes – YouTube

Fortune Soya Chunks

Always remember you are free to choose and decide but you are not free from the consequences of your decisions. Healthy options today will definitely yield healthy living for tomorrow. So, be an informed mom. Choose well, serve well and nurture well.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

Want to Earn Extra? Learn how to boast yourself as a Host!

Not all who wander are lost and not all who are rich have ways to make money! Some can have a tremendous stay in their travel and can be a grossing to you as well. Yes, you read it right. It’s like an add-on to the age-old saying: “Atithi Devo Bhav!” where you are not only being generous as a host but also making money by lending your spare time, space and intellect.

As it is said that small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements and that is what Airbnb

has come up with. A completely new idea of earning by listing your accommodation for a traveler can not only earn you but you get to have new connections as well that help you build your host affiliate listing to build up your profile. There are no specific criteria to start, you just need to have an extra room/ an apartment or a full house available for the guests when you are on the vacay mode.

Whether you are a sit-at-home person, retired personnel, a working enthusiast or an entrepreneur, Airbnb

welcomes you with your abode. Airbnb has simplified the ways you can make some extra money with full flexibility and guidance. It is not only your accommodation that works for you, but it is also the pride that you can extend about your city as a tourist destination plus you can be an affiliate to nearby shops or locals for business opportunities. The more you promote and create referrals the more you yield.

You need not be a pro in digital marketing or affiliate management or even to the hospitality industry. You just need to follow a few basic steps of registration (that too online) and adding your space to the listing. For rest, everything Airbnb is always there to guide and provide the best of services. One more advantage in working with Airbnb is that your payments are actualised just after 24 hours when the guests’ check-ins.

Let’s have a glance to preliminary steps to Hosting on Airbnb:

1) Start with your property listing:

Only by listing your space will other people be able to find you and do bookings. So make the best use of the platform to give as detailed information about the space as possible. Ultimately, you’ll be in charge of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with your guests.

2) Manage your bookings

Airbnb is a platform which takes safety of both its guests and hosts seriously. Once your listing is complete, it is visible for prospective guests to book and plan their stay. You have full access to a guest’s information which will help you in managing bookings and giving your space to only the people you like.

3) Understand Hosting

Describe your Space: To kick start being a host, you first need to describe your space, add pictures, size and other details of the accommodation by which people can search and locate it. You need not worry much as you are in total control of making your property available or not as per your convenience.

Before you entertain a guest: You can set available dates, time, prices, mode of interaction and even house rule if any. This task completes your Listing. It is always advisable to cross-check with your peer hosts in the same area for the pricing details.

Now, once your house is listed on Airbnb, it comes under available accommodation and people can search it on Airbnb. Safety is also a foremost concern. So, being a host you have full right to know the guest’s details and can also have their Government approved ids, email ids etc.

Time for hospitality: If your published accommodation receives a request, don’t panic. You just need to provide a clean ready to use space with some basic amenities like bed and bath. Still, if you hesitate Airbnb is there to help your way and make you confident to host. You can even check the hosting tips under resources on Impact.

Safety: In the rarest case of theft or any kind of loss to the property, a host need not worry. Your property is fully covered for much extra compensation.(you and your listing are automatically covered for up to $1,000,000 by Airbnb’s Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance

And as for the credibility of guests entering in, as said earlier you are provided with a profile picture, contact number and email id of the guest along with government-issued id proof. So, keep your worries at bay and make hay.

4) Enjoy your Earning

Though guests are charged before arrival, you receive your payment within 24 hours of the check-in. Airbnb offers a great pool of payment options as in PayPal, Paytm, online bank transfer and many more. A host can select as per his wish. So, it’s time for you to enjoy with that extra pocket either by repaying your loans, shop your Wishlist, pursue your passion, plan vacations or simple save for bigger plans.

How Hosting is Lucrative?

  • It lets you yearn and earn.
  • Builds your social connections.
  • Flaunt your interiors or extended outdoors.
  • Publicize your city, town or neighborhood. Spread the word about it being worthwhile to visit.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, then just host your space in your absence and in a way monetize your travel.
  • Promote others as well. You being a host can guide the guest about the nearby local businesses in a way extending profitable opportunities to them as well.

So Guys! Isn’t it exciting and simple to host and earn? You need to have that room to list, rest Airbnb lets you earn to save and spend. Put your thinking caps ON and hop on to be a generous and a humble host with Airbnb for the most rewarding experience and yielding anything from pennies to pounds.

Promote Big! Redeem Big!

To become a host on Airbnb – Click here

Is Earning that important for a Woman? Part – I

Nowadays I am on a journey of Self – Examination. What is it that really keeps me happy? But, what keeps me happy , does it also keep people around me( for whom I do care) happy? Or I am being a selfish one?

Long back when I quit my job..wanted to njoy my new phase called Wedding and having a family. The only passion I had was to keep my house neat and tidy. I had my first baby.. I was happily sailing through my journey of motherhood. And, I was a happy sit-at-home Mom njoying catching up with missed episodes of my favourite TV series through IPTV. I was enjoying this lifestyle because I had seen many hard years of my student life and job years. Though they were always highly rewarding. Life was a bliss untill social pressures and judgements started pouring.

I started taking queries from people straight to the heart. “Are you not working? ” , “Ohh.. okii You sit at home? ” … And mostly I used to feel when these came from my husband’s colleagues. Coz everyone had a good earning life partner which indeed was a proud possession esp. in a high end metro city.

Things started bothering me. I lost my self confidence and became judgemental to my own existence. Then came another phase, my bub started going to school and I just got an escape to self created boredom. I started looking forward to receiving homeworks from school. As you know, early years in school goes much with creative works and colours are my all time stress buster.

Still, that guilt of not working to earn always clouded my heart and brain. I started looking for options on internet to get hold of some freelance projects. Caught hold of small penny maker online surveys. I did! Just to give my journey a kick start and have that power feeling of earning.

These surveys started fetching me rewards in the form of cash or vouchers. I still remember, I rewarded myself by purchasing a nice handbag from Flipkart. Believe me, I always carried it with pride as I earned it. Plus, sending my earned vouchers to husband was a drop in the ocean of satisfaction. It gave me a confidence… That yes I too can contribute. Though I knew it was just a fun money.

Soon, these surveys became frustrating as they took a lot of hardwork and patience and you don’t earn from them Everytime. Again that Vicious cloud of willingness to work but lost confidence trapped me. My life changed when one fine day I received a call from an old friend. We talked about many things and opportunities to somehow do work from home not just to earn but keep ourselves busy. (Ahha… Though it’s a superficial parameter).

She insisted me to WRITE. I laughed my tummy out. And, denied. I said how can you even think of me writing an article?? I mean, it’s next to impossible. my exact words were : ” Com’on Yaar I am not a literature kinda person. I am a hard core technical minded species. I can’t write and infact I don’t know what to write.” She motivated me by saying: ” If I can, you surely can do. You were the star of our college. Please give it a try. ” And, she handed over a sample article on Casinos in U.K. and asked me to frame something like this only. I sat with my laptop with a broad smile on my face.. depicting as if I am now goanna do some foolish attempt.

That was the day friends till date I saw no stoppage to my thoughts, my expressions and my writings. I received an appreciation mail with a request to write 5 more such articles. It was so so enthralling experience that I started giving many twists and turns to my style of writing. And, my content became a sample to many clients to flaunt.

To be continued in next article….

Be sure your child is a friend that inspires!


Friendship day is around the corner but my kid tends to celebrate it throughout the year. Yes, I am not joking here. We usually see kids getting affected by gadgets, style, stationary, bags, toys, games and other materialistic things that their friends have. But, have you guys ever observed that majority of their personality is in a way a reflection of what their friend(s) are. Their friends are more than family to them; same age, same understanding, with a slightly different perspective and different lifestyles. These little minds actually share a common dwelling of innocence and inspiration from each other.

Being a mother to a 7-year-old and 2.5 years old, I come across quite a few instances where my kids tend to copy their friends or their friends adopting what my children do. Every time it has ended up as a win-win situation because I realized there are many good health and hygiene habits which were difficult to teach them theoretically but easy to learn from a friend.

My elder child is very organized in keeping his stuff which in turn inspired a fellow mom and kid duo to set the things in an organized manner back at their place. I being a conscious parent, have always had a habit of checking on my kids’ nails every Sunday, to rule out any infection that they may dwell during school days. This habit of ours has been rewarded with appreciation and it has literally inspired the mom of fellow kids to follow suit.

These sweet little mutual inspirations give a true meaning to friendship.

Here, I share a few things that my child has adopted from his circle of friends and how those habits have influenced us in the right way. Check them out as some of them are really funny, some are sweet and some are inspiring!

Stylish Hand gestures: It was a day out with family when I observed my five-year-old son talking and moving his hands in a particular style. It was funny to observe him. I first thought he is mimicking somebody but to our surprise, he was actually talking like his friend Riya (name changed). There, I realized how much effect a peer can have onto one’s personality.

Hand Hygiene Mania: Kids do get attracted by cute little things their friends have. But, this time it was something good. My kid narrated a very inspiring act of his friend in class. He told me that: “Mom, it was Aadit’s (name changed) birthday. We were in our art class and he was just about to distribute sweets to his classmates. He did something that was appreciated by all teachers. I too want to be like him”.

What happened was his friend before distributing sweets, gave a drop of Dettol Hand Sanitizer to all his mates, as he understood the importance of protection from germs and sanitization before putting anything into the mouth. This motivated me too as a mom. That day onwards, my child also started carrying a bottle of Dettol hand sanitizer with a sling which is easy to hang and use as well.

It was also the right time for me to talk about health and hygiene and why it is essential. I even gave him a slogan: “Fight Germs to Fight Illness, Support hygiene to Promote Health!”

Thanks to his dear friend that made my job easy. My child was so fascinated with the sanitizer that he insisted to use it even after washing his hands with liquid hand soap and enjoys singing: “Ghar ho ya bahar, paani ho ya na ho, par Dettol- Dettol ho!”


The need to take bath daily: There are times, mostly in winters; my child tends to skip his bath. But, as I said, friends do play an important role in defining your habits. So, one fine winter afternoon when kids were playing outside after school hours, they questioned each other about who all are going to take bath now again? It was at that time that my kid realized that he needed to take a bath every day. Later, he even asked for a good antiseptic soap for his skin protection.

Friend’s Checklist: My elder son quite easily adopted the hygiene practices of keeping his sense organs clean, nails trimmed, hair washed to keep the scalp clean, bathing daily, sanitizing while travelling, keeping the floor clean as these were the topics discussed in their school and kids were asked to track each other’s checklist.

A new Hygiene enthusiast: This summer vacation, we travelled a lot around Himachal Pradesh. I was happy to see, my kid and his cousin were equally excited about taking the responsibility to carry a water bottle, liquid soap, paper soaps, tissue papers and hand sanitizer. Both the kids ensured that everyone cleans their hand before grabbing a bite.

I want a friendship band: Last year in the same month, our doorbell rang many a time. They were all friends of my kid, wanted to gift him with a friendship band. It was a heart-melting gesture from them. Seeing this, my child too wanted to give a friendship band to his friends in school and the society. But, to my pleasure, he decided to make them all with his own hands. And, he did a wonderful job.

Dance Vs Sports: Friends do inspire but sometimes blindly following them also makes you land nowhere. My child wanted to join dance classes just because one of his good friends had joined. We gave in to his demand but, as expected we soon realized that we were left with two left feet. Hahaha!!!

Finally, we figured that our child is more of a sports enthusiast. Sometimes in life, it’s good to try and then decide what suits you the best rather than just wondering. So, friends do help your child in numerous ways.

Good or bad, a child will always learn from his peer group. We parents need to keep a check. Adopting habits from a peer or a friend is not bad unless it is not harming your child’s psychology, his behavioural patterns or in a way not hampering his/her hygiene leading to bad health.

Remember, friends, are fun to follow and believe me they are even easier to adapt to. Do share your experiences where your kids followed his/her friend for good or where your child has been an inspiration to other kids in comments below.

Happy Friendship Day!!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

Hum se hai Yeh soch

Nanhe munne bachhe hum,
Desh ka Sundar bhavishye hum.
Hum rakhte desh ko Swachh,
Hum se hote sabhi sapne Sach.
Aasmaan ki oochaiyo mein hum,
Samundar ki ghehraayiyo mein hum.
Seema pe tainaat hum,
Kheto mein lehraate hum.
Gulzaar ki kalam mein hum,
Kalaam ke prayogo mein hum.
Computer ki lab mein hum,
Har imaarat ki neev mein hum.
Har shlok mein hum, har pad mein hum,
Har ardaas mein hum, har azaan mein hum.
Hum se achha hum se sachha to keval rabb hai,
Humse Hi to umeedo ka kal, aaj Aur abb hai.

If I were a bird…

Today let’s dream, let’s imagine and let’s fly.

 As a bird I will tell you what can I try.
If I were a bird, I would....
 Wander the world,
 Ramble the road,
 Swim the sea, and
 Flutter the sky.
Wings and wind, be my friend
 Take me along and change the trend.
With my sharp eyes and pointed beak,
 My favourite food, I would seek.
Come may winter, summer, autumn or spring,
 Happy and free moments it will bring.